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Conditions of Access and Use of the Site

This is the official website of Saisha Infra Projects Limited  with its registered office at DLF Tower A, Suite No. 222, 2nd  Floor, Jasola District Centre, New Delhi-110025, India
Saisha Infra Projects Limited permits users to access and use its website under the terms and conditions indicated below, which are binding for all those who wholly or partially visit the site itself.
All those who visit the site are therefore requested to carefully read these conditions before viewing the contents.

It is understood that any access to the contents of this site involves implicit confirmation that the user has read and fully accepted these conditions, along with the information regarding the protection of privacy and copyright given at the foot of the home page of the site Saisha Infra Projects Limited reserves the right to modify the conditions of access and use of the site at any time.

Using the site

The user must use this website in compliance with current regulations, principles of commercial correctness and the behavioural rules of the computer sector, avoiding in particular – without any restrictive intent – actions aimed at hindering or preventing access to the site by third parties or at compromising (even temporarily) its regular functioning, or at modifying, damaging, or destroying computerised systems, computerised networks, hardware, software, data banks, websites or other computerised tools belonging to Saisha Infra Projects Limited or to third parties. The user is authorised to access this site with the sole aim of acquiring the information made available by Saisha Infra Projects Limited within the site itself, as any attempt by the user to access other areas of the computerised system belonging to Saisha Infra Projects Limited or third parties is expressly forbidden.

Links to other websites.

This site contains (or may contain in the future) links to the websites of third parties, including other associated companies of the Saisha Infra Projects Limited. By activating these links, the user exits the Saisha Infra Projects Limited site and accesses entirely separate sites over which Saisha Infra Projects Limited has no control, and for which it declines any responsibility, as the links are contained in this site purely for the benefit of the user, with no implied approval or guarantee of their contents by Saisha Infra Projects Limited.

Risks related to the use of the site

In view of the open nature of the web, and the limits of the web control technology, Saisha Infra Projects Limited can make no guarantee (explicit, implicit, legal or conventional) regarding the functioning of this site, the continuity and regularity of the functions and services in the site (including any software components that the user may download), the absence of viruses or other detrimental elements, etc. Saisha Infra Projects Limited also possesses the right to modify the content and format of the site at its own discretion, or to suspend use without any forewarning. The user therefore accesses and uses this site at his own risk, and Saisha Infra Projects Limited is expressly excluded from any responsibility for direct, indirect, accidental or consequential damage that may be caused to the user or third parties as a result of the access, use, functioning or lack of functioning of this site, of its single pages, of the files, programs or other material contained therein, or of other websites accessed via a hypertext link, including – without any restrictive intent – damage relating to the interruption or slow-down of the activity, the loss of data or programs, or other damage caused to the computerised system of the user or of third parties.


Value of the information and guarantee exclusion

The sole function of the information contained in, or obtainable from, this website is that of providing the user with a general indication of the organisation, business and products of Saisha Infra Projects Limited; the company may correct or modify such information at any time, without highlighting the variations in any way. Saisha Infra Projects Limited undertakes to do its utmost to ensure the information is updated, correct and clear, but such information cannot be considered binding, thorough and free of errors or inaccuracies. The user must carry out the necessary checks, but it is understood that Saisha Infra Projects Limited makes no explicit or implicit guarantee with regards this information, and assumes no responsibility for any direct, indirect, accidental or consequential damage that the user or a third party may suffer as a result of trusting to its reliability and completeness. The above applies in particular – without any restrictive intent – to information concerning the products of Saisha Infra Projects Limited and contained in, or obtainable from, this website; such information can under no circumstances be intended as a public offer, contract proposal or, in any case, assume any significance in a contractual or pre-contractual context. In particular, the exclusion – without any restrictive intent – of any explicit or implicit guarantee regarding the availability, compliance, characteristics, performance, safety, marketability or suitability for use of the products illustrated, described or mentioned in this website remains valid. Any product-related indication must therefore be verified with the Saisha Infra Projects Limited dealers, and will only become binding if specifically agreed in the individual purchase contract.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions and all other communications contained in this website, including those relating to privacy and copyright, are regulated by Indian law. Any controversy regarding the interpretation and/or application of these conditions, or anyway relating to the setting up, management, access or use of this website, is (excepting as indicated below) subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts. In partial exception of the above, Saisha Infra Projects Limited reserves the right to present the breach of these conditions before any other competent court.

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